Wildflower Design


I am an Austrian-born technological changemaker, media lover, mum of three and eco-nut. Welcome to my page!

Media Production Manager

I work as a production manager for the public Swiss broadcaster SRF and absolutely love what I do.

After studying Web Design at University I couldn’t find a job thanks to the DotCom crash. Instead, I started working in interactive TV in London. My projects have taken me as far as Mongolia but I have now settled near Zurich, Switzerland.

Please have a look at my Linkedin profile for details.

Digital Designer

Web Design has stayed in my life as a hobby. I do it for free, for people or causes I believe in.

WordPress is my editor of choice as it’s very modular and allows anyone to create content. I am in the process of moving all my hosting to the Swiss green IT servers provided by Hosttech.


With having children comes the responsibility to take care of their future. When my firstborn started attending a farm playgroup I began to realise that the system is full of the wrong kind of incentives.

I am now actively promoting sustainable living in our village together with like-minded people. Website (in German): Nachhaltiges Rifferswil

At work, I am the task leader for sustainable Media Production.